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We've often picked these cards up and made significant savings on our self catering. We're wondering whether there are chains in New Zealand offering similar schemes. Also we've seen that several supermarket chains advertise specials on the net.

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Can these coupons be picked up in the stores? Obviously, we won't be lugging a printer half way round the world. AFAIK online specials are available instore. I seldom shop online so I don't follow such things.

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They have a store card called 'Onecard', which you can obtain by filling in a simple form in store, which will give you small discounts off some items in store. These supermarkets also offer petrol discount vouchers if you spend a certain amount, which can be used at Shell or Gull stations. Pak n Save is supposed to be the cheapest and doesn't have any card system, New World offers Fly Buys, but this is not a card that you can really use as a temporary visitor, it doesn't give in store discounts, just points that can gradually accumulate to be used to buy stuff online.

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New World has a coupon card, but I don't know if they hand them out on request. They used to be mailed. You could always ask. You would need one for the South island , one for the North island.

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We had picked up on Pak'n'Save and New World. Thanks for clarifying point with Pak n Save and New World.

Just like here there's no quick fix answer, but at least we've got a shortcut to our homework. New World is more like an old fashioned Safeway.

This lists the store's specials that week. My OH runs through this with a fine toothcomb to draw up a shopping list and we buy off that list. Many of the discounts are called "coupons" in the mailer but you don't actually need to bring the coupons along - they are automatically applied at the till to everyone.


Do supermarkets still do the "money off per litre of fuel"? I seem to recall getting reciepts that gave you 5c off per litre or something like that at certain participating fuel stations. We used a few of these on our last trip to get a wee bit of money off petrol.

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I'd not be surprised if New World also had some similar deal. Pak 'n Shove do as well, but not sure what they offer in terms of discount or which fuel options. Most receipts have deals listed on teh back, but I've never used any. Being honest by tthe time I've used my onecard, fly bys, used my mailer discount and kept the receipt for the petrol voucher I've lsot the will to live let alone read the offers.

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I use vouchers on the back of the receipt occasionally. Sometimes they will have you instore demonstrations and they will give you a voucher.

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