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Besides the interactive quizzes embedded within the lessons, we also have over 50 questions in our question bank specially crafted to offer you additional practices to strengthen your grasp of key concepts. Angie grew up in America and joined Nanyang Primary School when she returned for home for her. Read More.

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My son did very badly for his 2 languages in his SA1 exam. I am very impressed by the teaching method and. The teachers were very clear in their explanation of challenging questions and some even came out in my examination! We were relocated to Bangkok for 3 years.

Continuously showing what just happened for quick visual feedback.

By the time we came back, it was my daughter Primary 5 second semester. We have chanced upon this Superstar online learning and subscribed to the 4 subjects. Watch and learn from top subject experts. Lessons promised to be fun, interesting and of the highest calibre. Probably the first video teacher in Singapore, Monica Leong has legions of fans both in Singapore and abroad, and has earned a name for herself as an especially inspiring and engaging teacher. With ample teaching experience under his belt, including stints at university-level lecturing, Ti Kiang Heng has for the past 10 years intensely studied, been involved in and devoted himself to Primary and Secondary education in Singapore.

His unique strength in making Science concepts uncomplicated and easy to understand has led to a thriving Science programme. A person is eliminated when they fall or when their elbow or knee touches the mat.

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Download Twister game spinner. Selfie, weight loss, babies, or home remodeling project, TimeShutter is the best tool for them all! You get perfect alignment with a guideline overlay. And the simple clean design just tops it off. Been looking for such apps for taking site photos at the same spot for a long time.

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Simple, intuitive, works as it should. This app makes it super easy with a guide from the first frame and recurring reminders. Very well made. Download TimeShutter — Daily Selfies. Gravity Orange 2 — Help the orange to get all the stars, then the window would open. Pass the orange through the window to go to the next level. Keep it away from the spikes because they are dangerous. How to play: — Cut off the ropes to drop the orange. Features: 1. Support multi touch.

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Awesome physics. Game Center supported.

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Download Gravity Orange 2. HomeKit devices need Wifi or Bluetooth connection. Eventually, developers are hoping to integrate student calendars so they can easily add an event to their own calendar. The schedule has been modified to be easily viewed on a smart phone or tablet computer.

Students can scroll through the list of departments or use the search bar to find a specific class.

This map, as viewed on an iPhone, will help students and teachers find their way around Saddleback College. The new free app gives students the ability to use their GPS to find buildings, and to view a picture of each building on campus.

Say hello to the streaming library of Bible study videos that inspires faith every day of the week.

Student interns mapped the entire campus and took photos for the project. This is the interface for the Irvine Valley College application on an iPhone. The five tiles include the current semester class schedule, a GPS-connected map of the campus, news and events at the school, a directory of all staff and faculty members contact information, and the Blackboard mobile system where students can find class information and a discussion board. Designers are hoping to add more tiles later this year. From bottom left: Michael Martinez, Robert Bramucci.

Iden Sadeghieh, an information technology staff member, and student intern Jordan Poblete show the college applications on their cell phones.

South Orange County Community College District application developers are hoping to expand quickly to other smartphones and tablet computers. As of its launch on Feb.