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The gang gets hyped for new releases; talks Fallout 76 subscriptions, Jackbox Party Pack 6, and oh so much more! Product Information. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. The Taken King is packed with so much new stuff that it would be easy to confuse it for a full-on sequel to Destiny. The expansion delivers an entirely new set of story missions that set the stage for your battle with Oryx, as well as a new environment called the Dreadnaught -- a dangerous fortress filled with lots of enemies to fight, and lots of loot to earn.

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Fans of co-operative Destiny play will likely flock to The Taken King's new Strike missions, which have you journey through enemy strongholds and defeat difficult bosses. For those who want an even greater challenge, The Taken King's six-player, sprawling Raid mission, dubbed King's Fall, will be available a week after launch.

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There's also tons of new content for Destiny's player-versus-player Crucible mode. Competitive Guardians can do battle across eight new maps and enjoy two new modes: Rift, which has two teams battle to plant an objective in the enemy base, and Mayhem, which gives players quicker access to super moves and grenades, guaranteeing all-out chaos. Of course, it wouldn't be a new Destiny expansion without new gear to earn. The Taken King promises plenty of powerful new guns and cool-looking armor sets.

In addition to adding new content, The Taken King heralds some sweeping changes to the way Destiny is played. For one, the game's three character types all have new subclasses that let players wield some pretty cool new abilities. Hunters can now wield a mystical bow and arrow, Titans can decimate enemies with a large, flaming hammer and Warlocks can shoot Sith-like lightning out of their hands.

Destiny The Taken King Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - Oryx - Mission 1 (PS4)

It'll probably be a while before you get bored of your character. The Taken King ups the game's level cap to 40, and getting to the top won't be nearly as much of a grind as it used to be. Before The Taken King, Destiny required you to earn items with a special "Light" value in order to level up past That system is gone; now you level up your character by simply earning experience points playing whatever mode you like, and Light values only add to your character's attack and defense powers.

While the new leveling system is arguably the biggest change The Taken King brings, there are plenty of other weapon, gameplay and interface changes, including a neat new quests tab in the main menu that makes it far easier to track the progress of all of your missions.